Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Restaurant in the Sky

If you are looking to make an event highly memorable, how about a dinner in the sky? Dinner in the Sky offers event organizers a new and unique way of organizing an event: a restaurant with a table for 22 guests, is suspended from a crane 50 meters (164 feet) above ground. The specially built table is surrounded by chairs of the type usually found on roller coasters, with four-point seat belts.

Safely buckled up and floating mid-air, guests can enjoy a meal or meeting, with three chefs, waiters, presenters and/or entertainers standing in an open area in the center of the table.

Table, crane, logistic and security staff are available for EUR 7900 (prices as on 2006) for an eight hour session, which can be organized anywhere a large crane can be placed. What happens if you need to use the toilet? Well, the whole table comes down!

Dinner in the Sky's services are available in 17 different countries.