Monday, 18 August 2008

Flatmobile - The Lowest Street Car

The construction of this British concept took about two years but it is worth it. It all started on 20-10-2006 with two donor Hillman Imps and it ended on 05-03-2008.

Here are some technical specifications:

Donor car -1963 Hillman Imp
30″ height sectioned out from body
Ground clearance -2″
Width-5′ 5″
Combustion Engine-Hillman Imp 875 Sport
Jet engine-DIY gas turbine
Suspension rear-Standard springs and shocks on rear but cut down
Suspension front-Avro shocks with adjustable height 4″ springs
Wheels-Cosmic alloys 10×6J
Tyres-Goodyear Eagles 205 x 50 x 10

Here are some pictures with this car:

Flatmobile - the build:

Flatmobile on the road